• Passion Quest

    Your Path to Greater Health and Harmony

    If you have been drawn to Passion Quest, you too are someone who desires to create a life filled with love, joy, abundance, supportive relationships, and a career or lifestyle where you can discover your gifts, and express yourself in a passionate way. You can feel that a New Universe is being created, and want to be a part of the shift that is happening. Passion Quest is the result of my heart's desire to live every day in sync with the life my intuition tells me is available to each of us, and to assist others in doing the same. Everything is possible when we are in accord with the yearnings of our Higher Self and accessing the vastness of our superconsciousness.


    My experience in a corporate environment, then as a teacher, and as a student with many years of formal education, training, and certifications behind me, have all been the stepping stones and tools I needed to find and express my individual Passion. Together we can discover your Passion and eliminate all those blocks that keep you from living the life you deserve.


    Feel free to peruse my menu of services and then call or contact me below for a free consultation. Together, we can work on a personalized program that will be right for you. The work I do is not traditional coaching or counseling. I utilize a combination of highly effective traditional and non-traditional tools intended to create a great acceleration, expansion, and shift in consciousness. If you are ready and willing, in a very short period of time, you will see exciting new opportunities to live the life of your dreams.


    Why put off the joy you can experience today?

  • Proven, practical, integrated approach to learning, healing, discovery, and accelerated positive change.

    Certified in Quantum Healing Modalities, Advanced Tools of Transformation, Intuitive Guidance and Instruction, Guided Meditations and Journeys

    Meet Robin

    I'm Robin Moyer, founder of Passion Quest; A Path to Greater Health and Harmony. Passion Quest is the result of my heart’s desire and intention to live every day in sync with the joyous, abundant life that my intuition tells me is available to each of us, and to assist others to do the same. Let me introduce you to my practice and my purpose:

    Along with my services as a Quantum Life Coach, I am also a Credentialed Teacher, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Quantum Process/Neurolinguistic Practitioner, Ascension Coach, Shamanic Counselor, Stargate Facilitator, Intuitive, and Practiced Seminar Leader.

    With over 40 years of experience in education and holistic endeavors, I’ve integrated my two greatest passions, learning and healing, into a practice of practical techniques to accelerate, empower, and educate clients towards greater personal health, harmony, and conscious expansion.

    A key motivator for me in my practice is the realization that many of us yearn to successfully integrate what we sometimes see as the fragmented aspects of our lives. We want to be strong, successful, and empowered in our jobs and family life, and also whole, healthy, and connected with that which brings us personal joy and spiritual fulfillment. When we uproot our limiting beliefs and replace them with those that serve our greater purpose, we find that we can be successful in all areas of our life; our relationships, career/vocation, health, and time and resources. The change we seek is within each of us. By changing the beliefs and expanding the limitations we sometimes put on what we see, hear, and experience, our life experience shifts.


    But this is not where the story ends. This is a time of great change in our world. When we learn to clearly tune into our own intuition, utilize our own personal gifts, and access Guides and Teachers to assist us, life begins to flow more easily, there is clarity about our decisions, and synchronicities become common place in our lives. Over the years, I have discovered techniques that have resulted in my own intuitive awakening. It is exciting, fun, and never stops! As we open the doorway and trust what is revealed, it is validated over and over again for us, and dramatically enhances our daily lives .

    The services at Passion Quest are designed to assist you in living the passionate life that you desire and deserve! I will lead you through guided journeys of self-discovery, facilitate changes in deep-rooted patterns of consciousness, and help you navigate through your most precious quantum dreams, replacing old beliefs with those that match your life goals. You will be given Advanced Quantum tools of transformation, techniques and intuitive guidance designed to accelerate your own spiritual growth, to help you to remember more clearly who you truly are, and to expand into all your many quantum possibilities!


    How have your beliefs, up until now, worked for or against you realizing your goals? Are you ready to release old ideas that may have held you back from your greater good?


    Do you believe that you are worthy, talented, confident, and powerful enough to create loving, supportive relationships, meaningful work/play opportunities, radiant health, and an abundance of resources available to you RIGHT NOW?.


    Are you ready to discover the things that really make your heart sing, to envision and make that a part of your everyday experience?


    Are you ready to expand your consciousness, and know without a shadow of a doubt that all things are not only possible, but actual? Are you ready to awaken your specific spiritual gifts?

  • You Are Ready

    Soar through the present and out into your future.

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    In order to serve a more geographically diverse group of individuals, I am now offering my private services on Zoom!



    Personalized Quantum Coaching

    Do you need a shelter from the storm?

    This is a unique time in our history that has brought out a great deal of emotions for a great many people. I know it may not feel like it, but that is a good thing, because it means that all the anxiety, stress, grief, sadness, frustration and fear has its roots back to something much deeper for you that is trying to be released once and for all. We tend to hold all those emotions in for years, if not decades, until an event or events happen in our lives that trigger all of it for us. And the trigger is the gift.. It points us right to what we want to change and to heal. I can assist you to navigate through all of that, and help you to find the gifts that are behind the mask of the pain. Call for a free consultation and we will set up a plan that is right for you.

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    A Path for Transformation

    During our practical, step-by-step journey, I will utilize an individualized combination of Intuitive Life Coaching, Quantum, Neurolinguistic, Ancient Healing, and Clinical Hypnotherapeutic techniques to assist you in your own personal transformation. You will discover, for yourself, which beliefs have held you back in the past, and begin the process of replacing those beliefs with new beliefs that match your life goals. You will discover who you truly are, and expand into all your many quantum possibilities. This is the most important work I feel I can do with you. It is highly effective and transformational.

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    Advanced Quantum Coaching

    Next-level Quantum Exploration

    This one-on-one or small group coaching is designed for those who have identified and worked on clearing many core old beliefs, and would like to take their spiritual discovery work to the next level. Learn to work with your individual Guides, fine-tune your intuition, and interpret your own visions and dreams.

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    Shamanic Healing and Coaching

    A Path of Ancient Traditions

    Shamanism is an ancient method dating back tens of thousands of years by which the journeyer
    is able to access very practical information for their life from what is called, “non-ordinary” reality. In these one-on-one coaching sessions, the client is taught a series of five very specific Journey techniques for information retrieval from a Spirit Animal and Spirit Guide. My role is as a teacher and facilitator of these Core Shamanic techniques. The information received by each individual is from Spirit.


    My Shamanic Healing work is a bit different. I use advanced Shamanic techniques to access my guides to facilitate in your spiritual transformation.

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    Stargate Energy Meditations

    Guided Stargate Meditations

    (Currently offered on occasion via Zoom or as an integrated part of my coaching practice) 

    The Stargate structure is comprised of many levels of Sacred Geometry, which holds a consciousness that allows one to open their heart, to transform old beliefs, and to raise their own vibrational frequency.


    When you meditate with the Stargate device, you are immersed in a high-vibrational energy field that is so tangible, so transformative, that you cannot avoid being touched by it.


    This is an opportunity to feel the presence of your guides, to dissolve your physical and energetic limitations, to activate your own healing abilities, and to re-discover abilities from your past.

    The basis of the Stargate is not work - it is a relaxation - it is a letting go and relaxing into a powerful, transformational energy field.

    Please call to learn more about upcoming guided meditation experiences and workshops.

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    Past Life Regression

    A Path of Discovery

    Typically my clients use regression work for two different purposes: The first is for directed clinical purposes; to discover, unlock, and release reoccurring patterns, beliefs, or phobias that may not have originated in this lifetime. Often, the same patterns are coming up again in this lifetime to be healed once and for all, meaning that you often don't need to relive the experiences of the past in order for them to be healed. My Quantum Coaching sessions are designed to assist you with that process. But, in some cases, going to the origin is helpful. Your Soul knows the best course of action to take. That is where my customized program helps. We focus on what is really needed for you and for your personal growth.


    The second purpose of Past Life Regression work is purely as a journey of discovery for those who are curious about lifetimes they may have lived in the past. I do not read for you. Within the parameter of a very safe environment where you are the observer, I guide you personally to one or more lifetimes to have your own experience. I also guide you between lifetimes, where your Over-soul or a Guide can provide you with important answers to your questions.

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    Group Quantum Exploration

    Spiritual Development Work with Others

    Please contact me if you are interested in being on my mailing list or to register for small group spiritual development work locally or to sacred sites. A list of past events is listed in the Event Section of this website. Remote Sacred Site experiences are on hold at the moment, but will continue when world conditions change. I will post any upcoming group events both locally and remotely in the event section of this site.



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    Numerology Charts

    A Blueprint of Your Life

    I use a combination of studied information and intuitive reading to develop a very thorough and complete personal chart just for you. Included is information about your Life Path, Soul Urge, Personality, Destiny, Karmic Corrections, and Pinnacle Years. I can't think of a better time to explore your personal spiritual potentiality for 2022-2023, as well as those areas of your life that your Soul chose to reinforce, advance, and heal this lifetime.


    If you are in a partnership, you might consider each having a chart done. It is so fascinating to see just how much your charts compliment each other. If you order the two charts at the same time, I include not just two personal charts for each of you, but utilize the combined charts for guidance on how best to support each other this lifetime.

  • Testimonials at a glance

    Let the results speak for themselves.

    Yes, this works on Zoom too!

    During the sessions I experienced connecting with the subconscious mind with ease.

    I experienced very strong energies when releasing old stuff that does not serve me anymore, and when there was readiness for the new to come in.

    I am very visual(third eye opened),so i was a witness to so many beings from Higher Realms being present and observed the process and how it unfolds.

    After each session I experienced a time of deep healing and integration each day.

    I feel so elated after the sessions.

    She assisted me to reach depths and things that i wasn't even aware of, even though I'm doing spiritual work for a long time.

    Robin leads and guides the whole process in a beautiful and magnificent way. I felt safe and showered with Unconditional love at all times, and went through, what can be perceived by the mind, a very traumatic recalling of experiences, but with ease and grace.

    I am beyond grateful.

    Thank you for your service to humanity .

    Thank you for your light.

    Thank you for being you dear siStar.

    I love you truly and am forever grateful.

    Didi - Bulgaria


    Before Covid, I might not have tried meeting with Robin...because, living in different states, we couldn't meet in person.

    But zoom became a part of our lives, thankfully, and now I meet with her weekly.

    I thought, as a successful self-employed business person, that I knew myself and maybe even life.

    Turns out I was just getting started. Turns out I was missing the best parts.

    Robin helps me re-member that I am not just a chunk of flesh, taking up room in an otherwise crowded planet.

    That I am actually made of light and that the world needs my light.

    And that has changed my perspective in unimaginable ways, as you might imagine...

    She is gentle and she feels as much like a friend as a counselor to me now.

    I am filled with gratitude for this light-filled woman and the process she works through!

    Marie M. - Minnesota


    It was a blessing to work with Robin for six weeks to get to a core belief I had not been able to see before, with her NLP process and repatterning. My epiphany came around patterns of being disempowered, repeating the story playing out for years that I was not safe, and if I was not super vigilant, the things most precious to me might be taken. This has been huge for me & now I know that things of most value, can never be taken from me. The situations of me creating that limiting pattern have stopped, and I am living a life of liberation. Thank you Robin for your tenderness, professionalism and intuitive insights.

    Marianna K. - Washington

    Most Recent Tenstimonials



    Robin is an amazing transformational coach who truly cares about her clients. She has personally helped myself and a loved one break through things that have held us back our entire life. Her technique is special and unique. She is a one of a kind lady you definitely should get to know! - Angela M.


    Robin Moyer is a gifted and talented healer. She helped me access the source of a deep seated fear and through her skilled guidance replaced it with total confidence, in the short span of our session. Instead of dreading what was in front of me, I left actually looking forward to it. If you are ready to let go of anything that is no longer serving you, even if you don’t know what it is, I highly recommend you book an appointment with Robin! You’ll be so glad you did!

    Linda B - Citrus Heights, CA


    This woman is amazing!! J. and I have both experienced profound healing with her. She truly changed our lives... Saved our relationship!! Shit...saved our family!!!!!! I don't think we would be together right now without doing the work we did with her!!!! Robin we love you!!! We are SO GRATEFUL for you and the work you do!!!! Your such a gift!!!!! - E. Martinez -Maui, Hawaii


    I would highly recommend Robin's personal coaching or any of her workshops. Robin is masterful at using her different skill sets and techniques and I have experienced shifts and growth each time I've worked with her. She is also very professional and dedicated to 'do what it takes' for her clients well-being. - Wendy W. , New Mexico


    Since working with Robin, I have found tremendous growth spiritually. I look forward to my continued expansion with the aide of Robin and Passion Quest. - Laura C. - EDH, CA


    Thank you so much Robin Moyer for the amazing hypnotherapy sessions 😃 I feel such a difference in my life since you came into it & shared your gift. I love & appreciate you dearly 💜 Angela K.




    Regaining Personal Power

    Robin Moyer is the real deal. When I met her, I felt an instant connection. She has an energy that is so loving, open hearted, and accepting. Her Passion Quest workshops are fabulous. I was astounded with her practical, deep insights. She is humble and truly wants to help and empower others. I highly recommend her and her workshops to anyone that wants a safe space to learn and grow. It is hard to find an individual who is so grounded in reality, yet so spiritually advanced. She is a rare treasure. Thank you Robin! - D. Andrews



    Breaking Barriers

    Robin has a gift for breaking down barriers that hold her clients back. I went in for Quantum Processing after initially wanting a past life regression. After reading my email she assessed my needs and was absolutely right. We accomplished more in 6 sessions than I had from any other type of therapy I have ever done. I plan to come back as needed and to join Stargate. SInce working with Robin I have found so much growth in myself and so much more peace in my life. I highly recommend going to visit with her and see for yourself. - Erica R.


    Gifted Channel

    Robin is a very gifted, intuitive channeler. She continues to show her multiple abilities to individuals, as well as groups and in her workshops. I love working with her and I highly recommend her for all her work she is sharing.​

    Andrea Dawn. Folsom, CA



    Connecting the Dots

    I have participated in one of Robin's weekend expansion workshops and have taken 6 sessions of spiritual life coaching with her. What I gained from my time with Robin went far beyond my expectations and continues to impact my life even a couple of months later. One of her gifts is gently connecting you to your subconscious so you can heal old wounds and open yourself to speaking your truth. She also teaches you to tap into your intuition to expand your life in wondrous ways! I love how she helps you see a meaningful pattern from what initially seem like random dots. Best of all, Robin is a deeply caring person who you can trust with your emotions. thoughts, and ideas. She made me feel completely safe and supported.

    - Lori S. Diamond Springs, CA

    Healing Guidance

    I have had the pleasure of working with Robin in the last year to achieve some major healings. I have been working through some projects the past 9 years and can't express enough of how simply they were solved in only 6 sessions with Robin. She is a true healer and offers such a wonderful comfortable environment to remedy so many situations where we are lacking self love. Her guidance through my journey has been so gentle and supportive. I could recommend Robin to anyone who is looking for guidance on their journey within.

    - Jamie D. Placer County, California


    I met Robin during a shamanic workshop and immediately felt drawn to work with her. She brings an authenticity and heart centered presence to everything she does. She is skilled in many aspects of life coaching and as an intuitive guide, shaman and light worker, she compassionately leads her clients through the maze of their own personal soul journey to bring illumination to the forgotten parts of ourselves. The energy and passion she demonstrates in her work inspires me to stay committed to my own passion for life and to remember my unique place of belonging.

    Thank you, Robin!


    Karen F., Placerville, CA




    I had some private sessions with Robin starting about two years ago. Those sessions changed my life dramatically. I was having some serious issues with my life when I first went to see her. With Robin’s professional help and lots of loving care, I was transformed from feeling being inadequate to feeling complete mostly. I gained confidence about myself and about life. Now I am a much happier person and things have changed for the better in many different aspects of my life. I definitely would recommend Robin for someone who is seeking for an amazing spiritual healer. ~ S. S., Corte



    Working with Robin added a necessary tool in my spiritual path of expansion. I now have a new awareness of how best to utilize all the learning I have acquired from SCPL classes and coaching workshops. Our 2 hour sessions were personalized to my journey and to my needs. She had an acute awareness and ability to pick up on things that I had a hard time seeing for myself. We remedied past hurts, allowing me to release deep seeded wounds. I just feel lighter and more spiritually balanced on a daily basis due to the one on one work we did. I have also added tools that have allowed me to pick up on patterns myself and release them before they take over my day or week. Wherever that emotion or ego-driven reaction is taking me, I am now able to steer it in in a different direction for my positive good. Thank you Robin!

    - Julie S. Pollock Pines, California


    Amazing Results

    Living a generally happy life, I met with Robin for the Passion Quest Experience, mostly out of curiosity. Shortly after starting our work together, the results were amazing. A new job, an expanded career path, and deeper satisfaction. It was so beneficial that I still like to occasionally drop in and see Robin to keep my mind focused on the truth of my heart. Thanks, Robin!

    - D.A.N. Sacramento Area, California


    Robin guided me to remembering my true essence, to trust the process and know God already has it figured out for me. Her beautiful meditations released my fear, reinforced my faith, and allowed me to move forward through a tough medical diagnosis with grace. I thank you dear  Robin for your help and compassion.
    - Nina V. Placer County, California

    Powerful Work

    After working with Robin, I have had several personal shifts in my thought process and how I move through daily life. Valuable and powerful work with the gentle guidance of Robin to get you through whatever challenges you may be facing.

    - Jennifer T. Placerville, CA



    From Participants in Our 2018 Sedona Workshop

    The expansion workshop in Sedona was a very impactful experience. Robin is so gifted at holding space for all of the attendees. Her presence and insight allowed me to truly be vulnerable and embrace the shifts happening inside of me in a safe and supportive environment. The day trips to the sacred mountains were awe inspiring and unforgettable. I truly feel every moment was a learning and expanding opportunity!
    I am so thankful that I went. It created an awakening inside-how I felt about myself. Upon my return I could awaken and connect to my higher self. I really feel different. And, I met so many beautiful souls.
    This workshop was a life changing, remarkable experience! I am very grateful. What I learned, I feel I can pass along to other people. I recently had an issue with a friend and even though it was uncomfortable, it was very empowering to see this person with different eyes, and to work through the problem and respond with compassion instead of reaction!
    It was wonderful to spend intimate time in various places in Sedona to take in the energy of this special place. Robin and Andrea created a safe environment throughout the workshop to allow openness and exploration and a lot of thought and preparation to make the workshop flow smoothly. Thank you for a fantastic experience!
    The range of activities, especially the outdoor activities, was inspiring and healing. The bonds that developed within the group were, and are, deeply nourishing.
    I came to the workshop to help me find my voice. I felt so supported by everyone. Getting past the blocks of being “seen and heard,” was a quantum leap for me. I am much more aware of why I have had these issues, and have new tools to help me stand tall in world to be seen and heard at the same time. The meditations and exercises we did while in the workshop were amazing tools that helped me to realize the burden of “doing” I have been carrying for my whole life.... and came home feeling “lighter” than I have ever felt!


    I did quite a few sessions with Robin as part of my training to become a Certified Life Coach. She is always very loving, very kind and really guided me through to my Truth. The journey we took together was magical and things are becoming stronger as I practice my new belief systems. Thank you Robin for all of the healing that you guided me through.

    -Tammie H. Fair Oaks, California

    Local Expansion Workshop

    Testimonials from Feb. 2018 Workshop:

    What a priceless gift to give yourself! Way more exciting than I expected and VERY educational. So glad I made time to give myself this wonderful gift.

    Lynn G. Elk Grove, CA


    Fabulous workshop. Love that you held and contained the space for all to expand their clarity and focus on those issues that shape and change our lives.

    Summer S. CA


    What an incredible workshop! Thank you Robin and Andrea and a wonderful group of new friends. Can't wait for our next one!

    Lorine D. Folsom, CA


    Enjoyed depth of processes, timeliness of workshop. Expansive for sure. Love seeing my potential.

    Joy H. Cool, CA


    Thank you for opening your home. I feel more clarity. You and Andrea work so well together.

    Barbara W. Elk Grove, CA


    Guided Meditations, Visualizations were fantastic. I will review and fully realize what all transpired. Thank you!

    Wendy W. Sutter Creek, CA


    If it were not for your (Robin and Andrea) journeying interpretation, I would not have gotten as much out of the class. I am now more comfortable, knowledgeable, and confident with my journey work.

    Sandy M. Lake Tahoe, CA


    Past Expansion Workshops:

    I just went to the most amazing workshop this weekend and met the most beautiful women. Thank you Robin Moyer and Andrea Dawn for changing my whole world and opening up new light in my soul. It was life changing! Bless you!

    - Jamie K. El Dorado, CA


    One of the best workshops I've ever been to! I learned to connect to my guides who provide clear guidance. The guided meditations are extremely wonderful and helpful! Highly recommend for anyone who's interested in energy work and connection with guides

    - Sharon S. Corte Madera, CA




    Other Expansion WorkshopTestimonials

    • Love this class! Robin and Andrea, you guys are awesome!  - J.C.
    • Powerful! Thank you so much - J.K.
    • I felt so supported and encouraged - K.B.
    • Wonderful gathering. Everybody made me feel welcome and loved. Thank you so much to our special teacher - J. J.
    • You both work well together - J.H.
    • Deepest gratitude for the gifts that you made possible for me to see. Can't wait to keep expanding! - Lori S.
    • I loved the different modalities used. Energy healing, Shamanic are all great tools to add to your spiritual tool boxes, and we all know you can never have too many tools - C.B.
    • Fabulous workshop. You gals are doing great. The combination of both Robin and Andrea -your energy together is amazing - S.A.
    • It was way more than we expected, the time flew! Very interested in more - A.T.
    • My experience was profound and confirming that this was exactly what I needed at the perfect time on my spiritual path - C.M.




    Sedona Workshop


    I had the pleasure of joining Robin and Andrea for 4 fantastic days in Sedona. Sedona is an amazing place but it was even more amazing having Robin and Andrea there to guide us on our spiritual journey!. They brought great insight to empower us plus lots of fun! I only hope they continue to do more spiritual quests so I can tag along! Love LOVE them!

    Judy P.C.K., Diamond Springs, Ca


    Yes, this workshop was amazing! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the clarity I received for me personally was very helpful in my forward progress.

    This workshop helped to open my heart and mind to what I was ready for. My spiritual journey has been mostly baby steps, some giants leaps and then baby steps again. And that works for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into the workshop, only that I knew I wanted to experience Sedona with highly intuitive friends (you 2 specifically). The pre-work you both did to make sure you had us at the appropriate locations when spirit wanted us there is greatly appreciated. AND, your ability to remain flexible to spirit’s calling allowed to me have the most amazing experience at the add-on location at the bridge. Thank you both for providing us this beautiful experience!

    Ariel, Folsom, CA


    Yes, yes, yes! The workshop exceeded my expectations!

    Up to the time I boarded the airplane I had major hesitations. I was not looking forward to the sun, the heat, the hikes, etc. I had placed a preconceived notion in my head that the entire workshop was going to be spent outdoors in the sweltering heat while hiking some major trails. GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD, SHELLY!

    The first day felt as if we were all acclimating to each other's personalities and energies. At the end of that day, all seemed to come together. There was a major shift and it was quite beautiful.

    I'm still riding on a high since my return.

    Thank you for organizing such a sweet and amazing workshop. I would love to do this again. I made some life long friendships and I can't thank you enough for that alone.

    Shelly B.


    All I knew about the workshop prior to going was that it was about " expanding your conscious awareness". I didn't know anyone attending the workshop or you and Andrea, although I had 2 previous readings with Andrea. I had no expectations, just the intention of working on my wisdom eye, which I began to understand during the long weekend would take more time.

    The message I came away with is to be more aware in every moment of life, every where I go, all the time, every day. I am definitely working on that! And I absolutely loved getting to know all of the participants, including you and Andrea, while in Sedona.

    C.C., Lotus, CA



    What a great way to start the New Year. Robin did my Numerology Chart and it is packed with valuable information to work with. Spot on! What a wonderful year it will be.

    - Barbara S. Reseda, CA



  • Contact Robin

    I'd love to hear from you! Please call or text to

    (530) 497-0828  or via the hot links below.


    Feel free to contact me with your questions, to set up a free consultation, or to just to say hello.



    Email to dreamshpn@gmail.com
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  • Connect Today!

    This is NOT a process that takes months or even years to accomplish. If you are committed and ready for change, it will happen TODAY.


    Together we will discover which individual, group, or combined services will best meet your individualized needs. Whatever you choose, I am here for you!

    El Dorado Hills, CA
    M-F by appointment. The first consultation is complimentary
  • Upcoming Group Events

    Together we grow exponentially!


    We all store old habits, hurts, and hurdles tucked away deep in our subconscious. Part of the purpose of my group workshops is to give you opportunities within a group setting to see that you are not alone with your challenges, to learn from the collective wisdom and healing that the individuals in the group find together, and to individually transform those areas of your life that you are ready to transform.

    Sometimes the duration of the workshop is not long enough for you to delve as deeply as you would like, or does not provide you with the level of intimacy you desire in order to really have a breakthrough. If that is the case for you, please take a look at my individual services and call for a free consultation to discuss this further


    About Group Events:

    We are in the midst of an amazing ascension in individual and group consciousness, of which many of you are already, or have a desire to be, a part. As an Ascension Coach and Intuitive, Robin will assist you as a group in visualizing and interpreting your desires, unlocking the doors to your intuition, turning on your abilities, actualizing your gifts, and working with your Guides and Teachers. Robin will access information from her Guides, and lead you in transformational processes, discussions, and meditations focused on assisting you in your own ascension process. This is a great place to be a part of an ongoing community of like-minded people, to discuss spiritual issues that have come up for you and to get support and suggestions. Robin has been authorized to transmit healing energy that passes through her from the Elohim (creator Angels). This will be included for those who would like to receive this transmission.


    Monthly Transformation Community Calls

    In April, I began a series of intimate weekly Zoom calls, which continued again in May.  It is an opportunity for those of us of like-mind to come together in community each week during these times of huge change and transformation. I would now like to offer you an opportunity to join our group for our June - 4 week series  beginning on June 8th from 6:00-7:30pm PST.

    Each week I follow the guidance of my Guides as to the content for the week, whether it be their messages followed by Q&A on ascension topics of interest to you, readings from Tarot or Oracle decks that I am particularly guided to reference that week, group guided journeys or practices, and meditations.

    Each week, I am also including an energy transmission from the Elohim and Archangels. These transmissions allow for your own gifts to be elevated, for personal healings, and an opportunity for you to expand your capacity to receive their guidance, the guidance of your own Guides, and from your Higher Self.

    Here's the logistics: At the end of each month, I will offer you a week package for the upcoming month priced super reasonably at $50 for the entire one month series. Upon payment, you will receive a Zoom link that will give you access to all 4 sessions that month. Come to all sessions that month, or to as many as you can. I will also record each and send you replays in case you have to miss one.

    If for some reason I must miss a call,  I will schedule an alternate day that month for that session that will also be available on replay.

    It is my hope that this will become part of your ongoing monthly practice, providing you not only an opportunity to expand energetically, to meditate with a group on an ongoing basis (as each session will always include a meditation), but to come together in community and support with others on this path.

    I know that you must be feeling the tremendous energy of change taking place. I sure can. This will help each of us to navigate these dynamic, but turbulent times of change. 

    I apologize that I must schedule alternate days of the week for the month of June. Please see the days listed below. 

    To join me for the month of June (including June 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 27th), please register today as you can only join at the beginning of each month. If you have to miss the first week, you can still register now and I can send you the replay for that event.

    I can receive payments via Zelle or Venmo. Just send me a text first @ 530-497-0828 letting me know you are joining and your form of payment so I can be sure to get the information I will need for your Zoom link. (To keep this price low, this is priced as a package only, so I will not be reimbursing for weeks missed, nor can I take separate payments for each individual week).

     Just a reminder to my past participants, you will be receiving a new Zoom access code for June upon registration.

    Some of you have worked with me in the past to transform old beliefs or to strengthen your intuition and connection to the Guides, and I applaud all of the transformation I have witnessed, and thank you for your trust in my assistance. For those of you who have not, I look forward to this new journey together.

    I really look forward to this opportunity with as many of you as possible! The more weeks we spend together the deeper we can go, first of all because we will build trust with each other, but also because the Guides provide increased energy to mirror and elevate the vibration that we are collectively generating. It is one of the reasons that working as a community is so powerful compared to just going it alone.

    I really hope you choose to join us for June!! 

    If you are interested in being a part of either an ongoing Zoom group workshop or an intensive in-person weekend workshop in 2023, please call me at 530-497-0828 or send me an email at dreamshpn@gmail.com and I will add you to my planning distribution list.

    If you don't see an upcoming workshop, and are interested in sponsoring a workshop in your area, see my list of past workshops. Perhaps one of my past workshops is one that you would be interested in arranging for you and your friends.


  • Past Events

    Here are some of our previous workshops. If you would like to arrange for one of these past workshops in your area or be on my mailing list for the next upcoming workshop, please send me a request. My individual practices as outlined in the beginning of this website are always available!

    “Paint a Conscious Path for 2021.”


    With all the shifts and challenges of 2020 and more on the horizon for 2021, my friend Jennifer Jackson and I felt called to hold a fun, safe space for people to come together as a community to intentionally release any built-up stress from this past year (and before), reflect on our challenges, resources, tools, and gifts, and call in more of what we wish to see and experience in 2021.


    Our gathering will include reflective exercises, journaling, EFT/Tapping to clear out the old, guided visioning to call in the new, and time for sharing your insights. We are hoping to gather reflective, insightful people who wish to support each other in moving through these challenging times with grace and strength and begin the new year with conscious intention.


    The gathering is free of charge, but you will need to RSVP with your email to receive the Zoom link, etc. We would also like to have an idea of how many people will be coming so we can plan accordingly!


    Hope to see you on New Year's Day!



    Accelerated Stargate Event

    I periodically hold Stargate events now on Zoom or as part of my ongoing coaching, but if you would like to go to an in-person Stargate event in this area, please go to this meet-up page for more information regarding upcoming dates.

    See Meetup Calendar @




    What to Expect and Bring:


    (Please arrive 15 minutes early to register)

    We would like to invite you to discover, as we have, the transformational potential of The Stargate Experience; a powerful, accelerated method of accessing your Superconsciousness easily and effortlessly, and facilitating your own personal healing on all levels. During these Guided Meditations with The Stargate, you...

    Have an opportunity to feel the presence of your guides...

    To be immersed in a high-vibrational energy field... A field that is so tangible, so transformative, that you cannot avoid being touched by it.

    Your heart opens - your vibration raises...

    Your limitations have the potential of simply dissolving in this energy field.

    The basis of the Stargate is not work - it is a relaxation - it is a letting go and relaxing into a powerful, transformational energy field.

    The multidimensional energies that are radiated touch each person at a very deep level. Many people find themselves experiencing:

    -Spontaneous physical healing
    -Sudden clarity and major insights
    -Deep relaxation and stress evaporating
    -The dissolving of karmic influences and unresolved issues
    -Healing abilities being activated
    -Recalling past life experiences
    -Spontaneous activation of inner vision and psychic abilities

    One of the most difficult things about the Stargate work is the realization that there is nothing to do… It is an allowing


    Journey into Quantum Abundance

    Accelerated Workshop



    Diamond Springs Center and Passion Quest are delighted to invite you to two full days of interactive exercises, meditations, reflections, and tools designed to awaken and bring even more of your superconciousness into conscious awareness. This workshop is for those who are very serious about accelerating their interdimensional awareness right now in their lives.


    This workshop will assist you in:

    • Recognizing and shifting perceived limitations
    • Discovering what it means to live fully in a state of abundance
    • Recognizing that you are a master creator of your individual life and of the New Earth
    • Working with your Guides and the voice of your Higher Self and acting upon your intuition
    • Understanding the purpose and benefit of fully integrating your consciousness with your superconciousness
    • Receiving channeled answers to your questions





    Advanced Expansion Workshop in Sedona, AZ



    As with last time, the workshop will be 4 very full days of activities within the area, including hikes to sacred sites and vortexes that we have discovered during our personal exploration, guided meditations and question and answer periods designed to facilitate inner clearing and accelerate spiritual awakening, star gazing, good food, and lots of great connection time, laughter, and fun with the group. We have found some new spots that we are very excited to share with you, and will be spending more time at some of the old spots where people received the most healing. This is an accelerated workshop, so you will be doing some deep work. No telling what Spirit and the Guides will be bringing in.


    Look for testimonials under Testimonials/Sedona Workshop



    Passion Quest;

    A Path to Greater Health and Harmony


    Living in the Quantum Field


    Passion Quest is delighted to invite you to a one day introductory workshop


    Perhaps you have asked yourself these questions:


    • What exactly is the Quantum Field and why would we want to open to and live in this higher vibrational consciousness?
    • How do we shift into “being” within a “doing” world?
    • What does it really mean to be a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience?
    • What does it mean to have Gifts and Guides and how do I receive my own guidance?
    • How do I get rid of all these limitations standing in my way, or do I?
    • What is all this talk about dimensions, expansion, ascension and this shift in consciousness that is occurring?


    If so, this is your opportunity to have some of these terms demystified for you, to get some first-step guidance in shifting and raising your own consciousness, to experience the Quantum Field first-hand, and learn how your own intuition can provide you greater wisdom into every aspect of your life experience.


    To learn more about my work or read testimonials for past workshops, go to passionquest.mystrikingly.com


    Please sign up for my new Passion Quest Meet-up Group.




    Conscious Collaboration Connecting to Our Deeper Knowing

    Self Empowerment through the lens of Astrology and Quantum Expansion


    What if you decided that this would be your year to:
    ★Take charge, awaken and trust your own knowing
    ★Tap into and decode your astrological blueprint
    ★Consciously collaborate with your inner committee
    ★Honor and embrace all parts of who you are
    ★Contribute your unique gift to the world


    Practical Tools That Can Change Your Life
    Linda will utilize her 27 years of experience as a personal growth consultant and
    Astrologer to decode the Divine Blueprint that is embedded in your Astrological
    Chart. This provides an avenue of deeper discovery into who you are, what gifts
    you possess and how to best turn limiting beliefs into tools of empowerment.
    Robin combines her ancient healing and visionary techniques with her guidance
    as a Certified Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Life Coach to further guide you
    through subconscious exploration, Quantum healing, and transformation.




    Advanced Expansion Workshop in Sedona, Arizona


    You asked for it, and we are making it happen!


    Here’s what you’ll get:

    • Four full days of advanced spiritual journey work
    • Guided experiential hikes to sacred locations
    • Vortex experiences
    • Group guided meditations
    • A deeper level connection to your individual guides
    • Star gazing
    • Shared transportation to daily sites
    • Daily lunch, snacks, and beverages
    • An expanded experience of a lifetime!!!!


    Join us on this unforgettable journey of remembrance,

    as we awaken, heal, and open to who we truly are!




    Local Expansion Workshops

    These are not your standard workshops. These workshops are designed for those you want to do accelerated work toward their Spiritual growth.



    This workshop will assist you to:

    • Recognize how your beliefs, filters, and perceptions may have been limitations in your life, up until now
    • begin to listen, see, feel, and believe in an expanded manner outside your everyday third dimensional consciousness
    • discover and work with your guides and the voice of your Higher Self
    • listen to and act upon your intuition
    • discover and use your own unique gifts


    This workshop is only the beginning of a greater awareness in store for you.


    Passion Quest

    A Path to Greater Health and Harmony


    Past Life Regression Workshop

    1 day event


    Why is it helpful to experience your past lives?

    • Through this process, your Soul takes you to lifetimes where pertinent reoccurring beliefs and patterns of behaviors are revealed. Often those same patterns are occurring again in this lifetime as a means of being transformed once and for all
    • It assists you in eliminating any phobias or fears that often just don’t make sense to your conscious mind
    • Individuals often uncover special talents, skills, or even information that was recorded in their own Akashic Records that is helpful to them today
    • It’s really quite fascinating and fun!!!

    What is included in the workshop?

    • You will learn more about the recall experience and have common myths dispelled
    • You will be safely guided through and directly experience the details of two of your past lives
    • You will receive intuitive guidance regarding the information that you receive and how to incorporate it into your life today
    • A light lunch will be included




    We live in a sea of consciousness on this planet that for many, many years has been energetically out of balance. We are being called at this moment in time to begin to re-awaken the feminine energy of yin, so that it may be joined in balance with the more predominant energy of yang. The Council of the Grandmothers are a form of the Divine who have come at this particular time in history to empower those who are called, so that each one so empowered, can begin to infuse the world with this most needed energy.

    During our time together, you will hear the story of the Council of the Grandmothers, and those who are called will participate in a beautiful empowerment ceremony that will reignite your beauty/power within.
    In addition, Robin will be leading you through guided meditations designed to raise your vibration frequency and expand your awareness of the vastness of who you truly are.

    Robin Moyer is Certified as a Spiritual Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Shamanic Counselor, and Past-Life Regressionist. She is also a practiced Workshop Leader.
    We are each being called to expand into who we truly are!
    Begin to find balance in the Divine Masculine and Feminine
    Awaken to new insights, healing, and transformation
    Are you ready to live your joy?